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The phenomenon

We observe the following phenomenon: No matter what the management does to increase the productivity of the sales team, the reaction to this is the following:

“All well and good, but this is not exactly what we need. If we could get exactly what we need, we could do much more.”

Potential to increase productivity by +40%

Sales employees assess their potential to increase productivity at +40%*. There is a lot of hidden potential in the sales force!

*Source: Great Sales Force Survey Benchmark Q4/2016

Exploit your potential

With the Great Sales Force Survey, you identify the factors that influence and thus increase or limit the productivity of your sales force. You immediately receive approaches to help you realise this potential.

The secret of success

The Great Sales Force Survey allows you to:

  • Survey your entire sales team 100% anonymously
  • Identify the needs of different performance groups (e.g.: salesmen, top salesmen, managers)
  • Make direct contact with your sales force – quickly and easily

so that you can:

  • Get your sales force on board for the change
  • Systematically increase the productivity of your sales team

and thus generate sustainable, organic growth

What our customers say

A  very helpful tool to evaluate opportunities in increasing your sales force effectiveness.

Hrvoje CeovicCentral Europe Commercial Director, Procter & Gamble

The results of the Great Sales Force Survey represent both a gift and, at the same time, a responsibility. Our employees have told us what they need to be able to operate even more successfully. This valuable feedback must be analysed and specific measures must then be implemented. This makes the deal perfect and together we can look forward to the increase in productivity.

Thomas BürglerSales Manager Private Customers, PostFinance AG

The outcome of the survey is extremely valuable and highly regarded as our guidance towards building a new sales stucture.

Thomas DeutschmannCEO, Brainloop AG

The Great Sales Force Survey was a great tool that took the output of our sales team to the next level. I was impressed by the professionalism of the processing, the transparent assessment of the self-image as well as the external image and the facts-based recommendations for action.

Mag. Reinhard KornerSales Manager Trade, ALMDUDLER-LIMONADE A. & S. Klein GmbH & Co KG

I am delighted by the Great Sales Force Survey and the quality of the evaluation! Thank you for showing us so clearly where we are doing well in sales and in which areas we need to make further improvements.

Mag. Petra ScherrerDivisional Management Human Resources, Transgourmet Österreich

The Great Sales Force Survey supported me in restructuring and determining the future direction of my sales team.

Celest PolteraGeneral Agent Zürich, Basler Versicherung

The Great Sales Force Survey was the first sales survey that delivered real value for us.

Dr. Oliver ZenzDirector, GrECo International AG

Our strengths are now anchored clearly and positively in our employees’ awareness.

Günther WeißChairman of the Board, HDI Versicherung

Test great sales force survey now

  • Online survey with unique questioning technique
  • Intuitive setup of the survey with absolute ease of use
  • State-of-the-art market research technology in responsive design
  • Plug & play – no IT input
  • 100% anonymous


~ 1 week


  • How many salesmen (sales managers)?
  • Which benchmarks?
  • Which departments?
  • Which products?
  • When to start?

~ 1 week


  • Customising of the questionnaire
  • Approval
  • Internal announcement

2 weeks

Field time

  • Launch of the survey
  • Regular reminders
  • Monitoring on a daily basis

2-3 days


  • Report available within 2-3 days
  • Presentation of results on demand

Editions and prices

An overview of our editions and services – choose the right solution for your company:

Your results

GSF summary report

The GSF summary report provides you with a summary of the results, including a “traffic light system” for evaluating the results and the internal comparison groups. You get precise information about the growth potential and the limiting factors in your sales force.

GSF results presentation

In the GSF results presentation, the highlights of the results are presented in the form of a numbers-based interpretation. In addition, the first action areas for your journey from “Good to Great” are identified.

GSF benchmark data

The Great Sales Force benchmark data provide you with external benchmarking. You can compare yourself within your industry or with other top companies.

The Productivity Driver Model

  • The productivity driver model and the special online survey system were developed by an international team of experts from business and science.
  • The methodology is validated by the University of St. Gallen and the Berlin University of Applied Sciences.
  • The Great Sales Force Survey has already been conducted in more than one hundred projects, a wide range of industries and more than 20 different countries.

Benchmarking in Sales

Several thousand sales employees and sales managers have already been consulted using the Great Sales Force Survey. Extracts from the anonymous benchmark data have been analysed and processed for you. Benefit from the insights gained from the Great Sales Force Survey benchmark data. What are the trends in sales? How can productivity and efficiency be increased?

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