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Great Sales Forces are made

“To be a top sales rep you need talent.” That is true to a certain extent. To establish a successful sales team in your company, however, you do not need talent. Successful sales teams are made.

5 steps to improve sales productivity

1. The potential

Evaluate how much potential there is in your sales force. Sales employees are the most important interface to the customer. They have valuable knowledge about the company, its products and its customers. This knowledge is often not surveyed methodically and used to generate improvement measures.

An anonymous online survey with a unique questioning technique is used to analyse the potential of the sales force and its location. The sales employees are surveyed directly and are able to rate the strengths and weaknesses of the dimensions relevant to success with the greatest possible openness.

2. The areas for action

Based on the data and facts from the Great Sales Force Survey, you can directly identify and determine the areas for action. The survey provides answers to the following questions:

  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of the sales organisation?
  • What are the individual challenges of the different performance groups (e.g.: top salesmen, regions, etc.)?
  • How congruent are the results of these groups?
  • How can the results be interpreted, compared to the “benchmark”?
  • What are the core areas for action?
  • From where could the first “quick wins” immediately be obtained?
3. The road map

Develop clear implementation measures for the core areas for action. For all measures and activities, define a joint action plan with priorities, schedule, responsibilities and the desired results. Write your own story from “Good to Great” and communicate constantly on progress.

4. Implementation

Eliminate the factors that inhibit productivity. The key to successful implementation lies in the nature of the action.

The result: The sales force feels valued, taken seriously, involved, and responds with an increase in productivity.

5. Success monitoring

Repeatedly measure the success of actions taken and identify further approaches to increase sales productivity. The implementation of the Great Sales Force Survey is the basis for starting the journey and later serves to point the way. It is the compass for planning the right measures to increase productivity in sales.

How much potential is there in your sales force?

The Great Sales Force Survey is a tool that identifies the potential for increasing the productivity of sales teams and pinpoints the starting points for realising this potential.

The journey from “Good to Great”

We accompany you individually on your journey from “Good to Great”. Thanks to a variety of sales analysis and consulting projects in various industries, we draw on extensive know-how. Our strong partner community allows us to provide immediate, targeted support in all specific sales-related subject areas.

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